Lockdown Therapy-Are you Flourishing or Floundering

Sunset (taken @ 5:27 Wed Jan 20,2021)

a special treat as winter sunsets taken in Jan are rare because of a combination of cloudy days and the tilt of the earth.

"You need to be in the right place at the right time"



     Old Baldy,Kimberley Ontario


solid rock (One of my father's saying)

" what other kind is there"?



My Outdoor Gym

Winter Running (12 minute pace, I'm old 65)

-15 degrees Celsius, crisp morning with no one around

 a positive-with no skiing no need to choose between skiing and running.


Where is your "Zen spot"?



Slow Down

Take a pause and observe the chatter inside your mind.


Come back to the present moment


Add a sunset to it.



 Smile, Its good for you!


Happy Monday, Happy Week



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