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" Get Hooked" Vigor polarized + sunglasses

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Polarize up while enjoying an Outdoor Lifestyle Protect eyes and see more clearly. Stylish and affordable fishing, boating, kayaking, SUP ing (paddleboard), windsurfing hiking, sliding (snowboarding, snowshoeing) biking (mountain, road) driving Polarized includes Neopreme Custom Logo Retainer. Don't lose or break Floats in water to save your shades. Why risk losing or breaking your expensive designer shades?




We design performance eyewear that enhances the human athletic spirit. Through superior technology and design, Vigor removes the mind’s natural distractions and inhibitors to allow you to play your best. To let you ‘PLAY HARDER’.


Neoprene Chums are a favorite of river rats, beach bums and anyone that spends time on the water. These Chums will fit most glasses and will float up to 15g. Keep your eyewear on lockdown with the Neoprene Chums.


 Bonus offer Custom Logo "Get Hooked" Neoprene Chum Retainer