This is why they call me Fly Fishing Bob



Fly fishing is not just a sport but a lifestyle, craft and  passion

The definition  of  the word TEACH is  “show or explain to (someone) how to do something”

These next gen fly fishermen were mesmerized when flyfishingbob kicked over in his tube to their dock to show them a really big bass.

“Can we touch it” the kids asked their mom. As she took this picture, she said “this is the quietest they have been all summer”.



I explained that this fish was at least five years old and we were going to let him go after they had touched him. I said count to three and we will watch him swim off.

I first put him in the water holding him gently by his lower lip to let him get more oxygen into his gills and then he (or she?) swam so calmly away.

He went under their dock and one of the little people said "he is going to live under our dock”.  The sincere innocence of the next gen is so refreshing, inspiring and energizing to flyfishingbob.

When I came back to fish the next day at the other end of the lake, I could hear them yelling from their dock  "There is flyfishingbob!”

Fact: Sound carries over water.

It’s called catch and release, a lesson I hope they will practise when they catch a Mr. Bass.


Here's one of my "old guys". Truly a wise, talented and patient man. 

Fly fishing is something you learn from an “Old Guy”  Now I’m the “old guy for the next gen of fly fishermen.


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Nature and the outdoors are a great classroom for many things that will shape kids’ behaviour for the rest of their lives and I am so grateful I can be part of watching it.

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