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You can add years to your life by living an authentic outdoor lifestyle.

Most people think living an “outdoor lifestyle” is mainly for fun and a pursuit of a passion or perhaps are just being lazy and just an “outdoor bum”. While both of these can be true whether you’re following your love of the outdoors or living the life of a beach or ski bum, you can actually live longer by living an authentic outdoor lifestyle on a small and pristine lake with restrictions on motorboats, canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and my unique fly fishing tube allowed.


This photo could be from multiple locations that I have visited in the Canadian north but because of Covid and travel restrictions it is just ten minutes from where I live! It is important for me for both my physical and mental health to live in an area where an outdoor lifestyle is accessible in all four seasons.


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This is why they call me flyfishingbob. This bass is probably 3-4 years old, is 18 inches in length and weighs approximately 3-4 lbs. It was hooked on my own hand tied bass fly and once photographed; it was released to enjoy another day. It was caught at approximately 7:30 pm in mid-August in the “dog days of summer”.

Bass fact. Bass love the warm water and to surface feed for frogs and larger bugs at dusk. This is one of many fulfilling experiences of understanding the benefits of being in the outdoors. Flyfishingbob always practises catch and release.


By finishing off the day taking in the sunset (where I actually live) I cap off my outdoor lifestyle day by enjoying the natural colours of the sunset. #sunsetbob.

It’s always magic, a great form of practising zen.

Robert “Bobby” Koven has become an endearing advocate for mental health awareness: Krazy Wildman Bobby K. Using his unique brand of humour, Bobby reaches out to diverse audiences with a message of hope for those individuals and families afflicted with mental health challenges. Dispelling the myths, smashing the misconceptions and challenging the prejudices surrounding mental health, Bobby delivers a hard-hitting message...there is no magic bullet...just hard work and lots of practice...and he ought to know.

Diagnosed in his early twenties with Tourette’s Syndrome, he now looks back on his past behavior with a new perspective. Drawing on his life experience for his jokes and stories, Bobby tries his best to erase the stigmas surrounding mental health issues. One of the initiatives Bobby is a working on is a documentary "No Magic Bullet", which is the story of his personal journey of healing.

To learn more about Bobby and the projects he's involved with, go to his website. Check out Bobby's beautiful photos on Instagram.

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