Another Lockdown getting you down? Enjoy some Outdoor Lifestyle photos and thoughts

Featured Sunset (taken April 1 @ 7:47 pm)

Waves of "Sunset Love"


A Sure signs of Spring

Wild Daffodils, Watch them grow  (March 11- April 2)


Secret Spot (staging area for migrating Swans)

Photo and Facts compliments of David Turner



Fact: A recent study just published show that birding can give the same satisfaction as receiving or earning money. With that in mind now is a great time to get out into nature and see our fine feathered friends as spring migration is under way. Watching the majestic beauty of swans or listening to the songs of the first birds to arrive from their winter homes will give you the lift you need to make even the grumpiest amongst us happy.

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 Its amazing what you can see in nature if you just stop and look.

(taken on March 29 at 9 am)


Smile. It's goof for you.

Happy Monday, Happy Weeks good for you

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