Labour Day Weekend



Summer is winding down!

Labour Day and the last long weekend of the summer of 2020 is an unofficial signal that summer is winding down.

Let’s get out and enjoy the water.



With fall approaching, along comes shorter days and cooler temperatures.

Fact:  When it’s colder out, it’s generally less humid, meaning there is less water vapour in the air. Crisp, dry air allows purer colours of the sunset  to reach the eye.


Fly Fishing (Cigar) Bob


The fall also signals the slowing down of the bass season and the beginning of the steelheading season.

Flyfishingbob will now move from his fishing tube in the local small lakes to the bigger waters of the local rivers.

In Beaver Valley I am close to at least five world class rivers for trout and steelhead --The Big Head’ The Maitland, The Nottawasaga, The Beaver and The Saugeen.


 Stay tuned to Flyfishingbob for some pics of big Steelys. (slang for a trout species that are  more closely related to Pacific salmon than other trout).




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