5-Monday Moments ( Week 177) Featured Sunset.Spring Thing. Secret Spot.What a Group! Mindfulness. What's in your Toolbox? Dessert. Smile.

Featured Sunset


"When you're Hot you're Hot"



(taken May 22 @ 8:48 pm)



Spring Thing

What's Next?

Following the ramps, the deciduous forest floor presents Trilliums.


They are truly a sign of spring. Trilliums are ingrained in our culture. They grace U.S. postage stamps, are the state flower in many states and a Canadian Province, and are used as emblems on everything from restaurants to resorts. Trilliums, as the name implies have everything in 3s - three leaves, and three petals.

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Secret Spot

Another pristine spot on the Beaver River

Not a soul in site


What a group I had this week!


"Thank you for the magical experience"

Louie C.


Do you want to learn the basics of fly fishing?

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The Nomad

Episode 5 Season 3


Finding Solace: The Nomadic Artist's Journey

In Episode 5 of Season 3 of the 'No Magic Bullet' podcast series 'What's in Your Toolbox?', host Bobby K. engages in an insightful conversation with David Robinson, nicknamed 'The Nomad.' David shares his life experiences, including his journey through a toxic workplace as a teacher, which led to early retirement and an even deeper connection to his passions, cycling and painting. David discusses how his bicycle and easel serve as crucial tools for maintaining his mental health. The episode dives into David's adventures, his love for the Beaver Valley, and the importance of a supportive community. It is a heartfelt exploration of using unique tools to navigate life's challenges and finding peace through creativity and solitude.

00:00 Welcome to No Magic Bullet: A Mental Health Podcast
00:41 Introducing The Nomad: A Journey of Discovery and Healing
03:50 The Nomad's Tale: From Teacher to Traveler
10:09 Finding Solace and Inspiration on Two Wheels
11:53 Art as a Reflection and Tool for Healing
14:46 Building a Support System and Embracing Solitude
17:13 Advice for Navigating Toxic Workplaces
18:01 The Liberating Choice of a Simpler Life
19:44 Concluding Thoughts and Next Episode Tease

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Hi-protein flourless seed bread.

Who says healthy bread cannot be a dessert?

(Just add homemade strawberry jam)

Thank you

Guest Baker

Devra C.


Sunset (Baker, Flyfishing, Krazy) Bob


Smile. It's good for you!


Happy Monday, Happy Week 

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