5-Monday Moments ( Week 176) Featured Sunset.Spring Thing. Secret Spot. Mindfulness. What's in your Toolbox? Dessert. Smile.

Featured Sunset


"Tracks in the sky"



(taken May 15 @ 8:33 pm)



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Spring Thing

Chronology of a wild ramp


What is a wild ramp?The word ramps became part of colloquial American English from Southern Appalachia, where it's a regional word for “spring onion” or “wild leek.” They're available for just a few months, beginning in early spring and disappearing around mid-May to early June.

Recipes include

Ramp Pesto | Ramp Butter | Pickled Ramps | Ramp Sausage |


Secret Spot

My fishing buddies.

Billie F. somewhere on the Beaver River


Mend the line, mend the mind.

Do you want to learn the basics of fly fishing?

Check out Primer and River Therapy on my website.





What does ikigai mean? Ikigai is a Japanese term that blends two words: “iki” meaning “to live,” and “gai” meaning “reason,” which translates to “a reason to live.” It's a concept that encourages people to discover what truly matters to them and to live a life filled with purpose and joy.

Dirt Nerd

(Getting the beds ready)

I love it as much as Martha Stewart


It's been shown to lighten mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety. It's very gratifying to plant, tend, harvest and share your own food. Routines provide structure to our day and are linked to improved mental health. Gardening routines, like watering and weeding, can create a soothing rhythm to ease stress.


Raspberry Pie (with lattice top)

raspberries were on sale ($2.99 per 1/2 pint)


Baker Bob tip

Use a silicon adjustable pie shield (or you can use tin foil) to make sure crust does not burn.

Sunset (Baker, Flyfishing, Krazy) Bob


Smile. It's good for you!


Happy Monday, Happy Week 

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