5- Monday Moments Week (133)

Featured Sunset


Taken while my bro Steven was visiting 

(taken July 28, 2023  @ 8:35 pm)


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Every puff is important

My father always reminded me to enjoy every puff just like every day.

Montecristo # 2

How to Tell if You've Got a Quality Cigar?

  1. The Perfect Draw. If the tobacco is packed too tightly, it'll be tough to draw, with less flavour and smoke as a result. ...
  2. An Even Burn. As you're smoking, the cigar should burn evenly all the way down to the finish. ...
  3. A Long Ash. ...
  4. Consistent Taste and Burn.

Secret Spot

Little cabin on a small lake (my bass heaven)




Where does the expression one day at a time come from?

The phrase “one day at a time” is usually used as part of the 12 Step Program in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other recovery groups. AA encourages their participants to only think about staying sober for the next 24 hours. If they can do that every day, it'll get easier as they go along.


Episode 7 Season 2


My Super Awesome Life

“Sometimes life's better understood backwards rather than forwards.”

— Jane Enright


Life changes constantly – but what happens when three incredibly sudden rapid changes occur in just 12 months? And more importantly, what are the best tools to use to cope with life’s unexpected twists and turns?


This episode of No Magic Bullet’s is an installment of What’s In Your Toolbox, a podcast about mental health and the tools that we use to cope, heal, and thrive. In this episode, host Bobby K sits down with Jane Enright, a brain injury survivor, an author, and blogger behind “My Super Awesome Life”. 


During this conversation, Bobby and Jane talk about Jane’s three massive life changes (two traumatic brain injuries and the death of a friend), practising mindfulness through writing in order to process the fallout of the changes, and what recovery looks like afterwards.


This‌ ‌episode discusses:‌ ‌

 ✔   How life can change instantaneously, and the steps Jane took to navigate her sudden life changes

✔   What focusing on what we have, rather than what we don’t have, can do to change our perspective

✔  Different ways to engage your amazing support team when you need it

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Peach Pie


Tis the season


Do you want to be a guest baker?

Send me a photo to



Sunset (Baker, Flyfishing, Krazy) Bob


Smile. It's good for you!



Happy Monday, Happy Week.

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