5-Monday Moments (week 132)

Featured Sunset

Kaleidoscope of Colours

(taken July 19, 2023  @ 8:57 pm)


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Hay Hay

Who needs the weather channel?

Just watch the farmers!


On average the entire process of mowing, raking and baling hay takes 3 days—in good weather. Therefore, pastures should be cut when a window of at least 3 days of sunny, dry, hot weather can be expected. Some farmers cut on the last day of a rainy spell in order to maximize the number of hours of drying time.





Is Dopamine the body's natural happy drug?


Dopamine is known as the “feel-good” hormone. It gives you a sense of pleasure. It also gives you the motivation to do something when you're feeling pleasure. Dopamine is part of your reward system.

Meditating in Tel Aviv, Israel

(June 2017)

Great listen!


I join Jane Enright as a guest on her podcast

My Super Awesome Life


Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Advocating for Yourself & Others For Optimal Mental Health.

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Jane will be my guest on the upcoming No Magic Bullet podcast, airing July 25.

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Strawberry Bundt Cake


This moist and tender strawberry bundt cake is made with fresh berries and rippled with a cheesecake layer that's hard to resist! Strawberries and cream lovers definitely want to try this cake.


Do you want to be a guest baker?

Send me a photo to


The secret is my mother's well seasoned bundt pan (comes out perfect every time)


Sunset (Baker, Flyfishing, Krazy) Bob


Smile. It's good for you!



Happy Monday, Happy Week.

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