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A leap of faith

(taken August 14, 2023  @ 8:32 pm)


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Is it a bird or a plane?


An osprey in flight


Ospreys are unusual among hawks in possessing a reversible outer toe that allows them to grasp with two toes in front and two behind. Barbed pads on the soles of the birds' feet help them grip slippery fish. When flying with prey, an Osprey lines up its catch head first for less wind resistance.



Secret Spot

In the weeds

                                               Love Jack

Have a new perspective

Watch an old favourite movie


See if you can have a new perspective

from the movie

As Good As It Gets  (1997)

"You are an embarrasment to depression." (Nothing about mental health is funny)

"Never trust a fart" (getting older)

"You make me want to be a better man." (This is a great line)

"Try not to ruin everything by being yourself." (a reminder Krazy is not always appropriate)



Simply seeing things another way is good for us not only because it means getting out of a mental rut, but because of what we might be missing out on.

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Upside-Down Peach cake


It's peach season so 


A Peach classic




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Sunset (Baker, Flyfishing, Krazy)


Smile. It's good for you!


Happy Monday, Happy Week.